Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Krogen Finder restricted for use only by members of the Krogen Cruisers Owners group?
Krogen Finder provides the location of Krogen Cruiser Owners vessels. For safety and privacy reasons, access to vessel location data is restricted to members of this owners group.

How do you insure that only Krogen Cruisers have access to the vessel location information?
Krogen Finder uses the “Primary Email Address” for each Krogen Cruiser membership as a check for membership. When you install the KrogenFinder app, it will send an email to this address with a validation link. This insures only valid Krogen Cruisers can initialize and run the app.

How do you ensure that each vessel in the Krogen Finder database is valid and unique?
Each vessel is associated with the “Primary Email Address” for a Krogen Cruiser member. All devices for a Krogen Cruiser family must use the “Primary Email Address”. As example, if both husband and wife have an iPhone and they have a shared iPad, all three devices must use the same “Primary Email Address” and the same password to initialize Krogen Finder.

Can a member of the Krogen Cruisers who does not have a boat use KrogenFinder?
Yes. The member should check the “I don’t have a boat now” box when filling out their profile in the app.

How often can I log my vessel position?
There is no limit to how often you can log your vessel position.

Can I log my vessel position while underway?
Yes, you may log your vessel position while underway if you have an internet connection. If you are underway when you log your vessel position, Krogen Finder WILL NOT ask you for your anticipated departure date as you are not at rest. Instead, Krogen Finder will log your device’s current latitude and longitude, course and speed and show that information to other Krogen Finder users in the information pop-up view.

How long will my logged vessel position remain valid?
Your logged vessel position will remain valid for up to 7 days past your anticipated departure date. After 7 days, your vessel will show in the Krogen Finder table with a “Red bulb” indicating the information has expired. If the vessel is not updated in 60 days, the vessel will disappear from the Krogen Finder table.

How is my vessel position determined?
Your vessel position will be logged at the location of the crosshairs on the map view when you tap ‘Log Position’. 

What is the ‘Vessel Tracker Key’ that shows up on the About page?
The ‘Vessel Key’ can be used for family members and friends to track your vessel using TrawlerTracker available in the Apple App Store. When they install TrawlerTracker and start the app, they will be asked for your ‘Vessel Key’. Give them your ‘Vessel Key’ and they will be able to view your and only your vessel in the Trawler Tracker app.